23-24 January 2019

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Thanks for joining us at SIPHA | The Annual Meeting of SPS


Saudi International Pharmaceutical Sciences Meeting and Workshops (SIPHA)

Is an annual meeting conducted by the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society (SPS) to bring pharmacist and other healthcare professionals together from all around the nations for sharing knowledge, advancing healthcare, and improving health-related practice.   

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 Lectures and Workshops

Residency Showcase

Poster Sessions

Students Competition

Networking Sessions

Lectures, Workshops, and Networking Sessions

Networking is an important professional tool. It is a focused way of developing and building a group of professional contacts who can serve as friends and resources during a career. Networking sessions is a great opportunity to network with your peers on a variety of topics.

The Residency Showcase provides potential residency applicants the convenience of one location in which to meet with representatives from a number of postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) and postgraduate year 2 (PGY2) pharmacy residency programs from across Saudi Arabia.

In a competitive atmosphere, the pharmacy clinical skills competition will assess the problem-solving skills of pharmacy students and their ability to apply learned knowledge of therapeutics in solving patient cases. The aim of this activity is to support and advocate clinical critical thinking and team-based collaboration in providing patient care.

Oral and Poster Presentations Competition is organized at SIPHA 2019, to encourage pharmacy students and pharmacists to present their original research. All accepted abstracts will be presented at the poster sessions and oral presentations sessions during the conference.

Attend a variety of lectures from pharmacy leaders and practitioners from all around the world to gain valuable knowledge and be able to use this new-found knowledge in practice, Specialized workshops will be offered to help pharmacists with their continuous learning and growth in their desired field. Check out our program here

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Interactive Platform

For the first time in The Annual Meeting of SPS: We will give you an interactive platform where students and practitioners of different fields share their thoughts and insights on various topics. Sign up here to be a speaker in the interactive platform.

Residents’ Research Day!

We are happy to announce that SIPHA | The Annual Meeting of SPS will be hosting the 5th installment of the Pharmacy Residents’ Research Day! Graduate residents.

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

Our Team

SPS President

SPS President

Dr. Khaled Alburaikan

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

Our Team

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