SIPHA Innovation 2020

Terms and conditions

  • An innovation designed to resolve any pharmacy-related problem identified; increase efficiency, the productivity of pharmaceutical-related practices, or to extend the range of quality of existing products and/or services.

  • Provide a convincing proposal and prototype of the solution.

  • An innovation that does not exceed five years (between 2014 to 2019) of development.

  • The prototype could be a 3D structure of the solution.

  • Large prototypes that are not transportable will be taken into consideration during the judging. In case of this, a movie or any kind of visual material may assist your participation.

  • Provide feasibility study, any experiments or pilots to prove solution (bonus, but strongly recommended).

Important notes

  • Kindly note that SIPHA is not responsible for the intellectual property and patent rights.

  • All accepted innovations will be notified by emails and must register for the conference and complete the payment ‎fee.

About  Us

SIPHA innovation is a platform that provides recognition through showcasing the talents and abilities of pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians, and other healthcare professionals while providing an opportunity to work with clients and clinicians to develop these innovative ideas. It also facilitates cooperation and networking among the innovators and exhibition visitors.

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